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Wrap-around Care

Wrap-around care and after school club information about our school.

Breakfast club

Breakfast club will be accessible for children in Reception through to Year 6.   

Breakfast club will run in term time only and will be open Monday to Friday 8.15am – 9.50am.   We offer a healthy and nutritious breakfast of cereal, toast, fruit juice and fruit.  Last breakfast will be served at 8.30am. Please keep in mind there will be no access to breakfast club before 8.15am or after 8.30am.  

 Breakfast club is held in the school hall and access can be through the hall doors, which is across the schoolyard.  A register of attendance is taken.  For safeguarding reasons please do not leave your child to wait in the yard by themselves prior to breakfast club opening.  

Children will be in our care and will not leave the school premises. We will escort the children to their classes at the start of the school day. 

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Updated | 17th October, 2023 |

Latest News

Sports Day – Y1

Year 4/5 Girls Football

On Wednesday, some of our Year 4/5 girls took part in the Gateshead Girls Football Tournament. They had a fantastic afternoon and displayed wonderful sportsmanship. Their hard work paid off and one of our teams secured bronze medals after coming 3rd out of all the teams that competed. Well done to all of them.

Year 1 – Deciduous or Evergreen Trees

This week we have been learning about the 2 different types of trees. The children were excellent at identifying deciduous and evergreen trees in our school gardens and they were able to explain how they could identify the tree based on its leaves.