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An archive of our school news posts.

Year 1 – Joan Miro Art

Year 1 have been enjoying learning about the artist Joan Miro. We have analysed his early work and created our own versions.

Year 1 – maths

In maths this week, year 1 have been learning all about shapes and how they can be used to create different images. We enjoyed creating tangram images and investigate tetromino and pentomino arrangements.

Year 1 – Science

Year 1 have just started to learn all about everyday materials. We have been thinking about what each object is made from and used describing words shiny, dull, hard and soft to describe and sort the different objects.

Year 1 Science

Year 1 have been learning all about their 5 senses. We looked closely at our sense of smell and investigated if we could identify an item based off its smell. We found chocolate and coffee the easiest.

Year 1 PE

Year 1 have been spending lots of time practising their sending and receiving skills. This week, we have been focusing on dribbling the ball, sending and stopping the ball. We are getting very good at using our bodies to change direction and using the inside of our foot to kick the ball.

Year 6 Tag Rugby

The tag rugby competition was such fun!  Fourteen of us went to Dryden fields to compete.  We won all our matches – one was won by 8-0!!  We came first in our group and all receive medals and a place in the finals. The whole event was very exciting and we all had such a […]

Year 5 Beamish Trip

Year 5 are currently reading and enjoying Goodnight Mr Tom. A trip to Beamish helped the children to experience how Tom felt as an evacuee. They learnt all about the jobs they would have to do on the farm including collecting eggs, looking after the animals and cleaning the animal enclosures. They also met the […]

Year 2 Indoor Athletics ​

Mrs Thompson and Mrs Fraser took 15 Year 2 children to Gateshead Stadium to take part in the indoor athletics festival.  All the activities were dinosaur themed, and the children took a very enthusiastic part in all events. There are some speedy runners and amazing throwers in our Y2 class.  Well done to everyone who […]

Year 1 Beamish Trip

Year 1 enjoyed a visit to Beamish Museum.  They experienced life in the classroom where they found out what school was like in Victorian times.  They did find it rather strange that they could not smile or laugh and that they had to stand up when answering questions.  I think they enjoyed always having to […]

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