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School Meals

Menu and catering information about our school.

Meals are cooked on the premises by our cook. All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to a free school meal as part of a government initiative.  We urge all parents to take advantage of this offer.  All meals are cooked on the premises and served to national food standards.  There is a choice of three meals, we use a coloured band system and children are given the option of choosing in advance to ensure availability.  The menu is a three week rolling programme and we encourage parents to select the meals with their child for the three weeks in advance. 

There is a charge of £2.75 per meal (£13.75 to be paid weekly on a Monday)

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Updated | 17th October, 2023 |

Latest News

Year 1 – Joan Miro Art

Year 1 have been enjoying learning about the artist Joan Miro. We have analysed his early work and created our own versions.

Year 1 – maths

In maths this week, year 1 have been learning all about shapes and how they can be used to create different images. We enjoyed creating tangram images and investigate tetromino and pentomino arrangements.

Year 1 – Science

Year 1 have just started to learn all about everyday materials. We have been thinking about what each object is made from and used describing words shiny, dull, hard and soft to describe and sort the different objects.